Darkest Days Brightest Nights

by CL

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released July 13, 2015

Production By: Ta-ku, Esta, Nick Pacoli, Captain Pizza, W+M=C, Holy Rain



all rights reserved


CL Stuyvesant, New York

Chris Louis Folmsbee, born November 13th in Stuyvesant, New York. Is an American artist / producer and CEO of Native Ones. He first garnered popularity with his remixes of top 40 songs and mixtapes in 2006. His discography includes the international release of the solo studio album "Diamond"(2010), "the thirteenth" (2013), "Darkest Days, Brightest Nights (2015) and "Summer 16" (2016). ... more

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Track Name: You Can Skip This if You'd Like
A new beginning is on the horizon.
you can feel it in the air, you can visualize it,
hell you can almost taste it.
its exciting, its frightening.
its unknown what comes next.
you can feel the most alone you ever have in your life,
or the most surrounded with love that one can imagine.
Either way, the common ground is
that you are the only one to determine what happens next.
You write the story, you shape the beginning, middle and end
and remember one day you might be put right at the beginning again.
You can skip this if you'd like to, but remember there are a million other
people out there just like you..
Track Name: Stand For Something (feat. JMSN)
love this life
my only one
still new to the world i'm a smoking gun
i've kept a lot to myself but i've spoken some
had a lot of heartbreaks mighta broken one
listen here i want to get it off my chest
if I hurt you once before i never meant to disrespect
and if i did
I probably didn't know what to expect
so caught up in my thoughts at times i mean i guess
I guess.. I guess I'm guessing
Where my heart was at the time, not even a question
Im second guessing
I musta been learning all my lessons
cause i never really was there and now this is my confession so..
this is my confessional..
try to stay professional
but i cant help it sometimes
when i'm talkin bout you on my mind
i just see you there
and clearly i cant help it all the time
my mind is working over time id be lying if i said it wasn't
i know said some bullshit, that i probably shouldn't
Probably wouldnt...
but what i have to lose nothing?
cause who am I if
i don't stand for somethin?


You never know until its gone
ya know it miss
Why cant it feel the same way when you holding it?
Its like a battlefield I probably coulda told you this
but if i did back then you probably woulda never chosen it
I know it is, I know I miss, I hope it goes
i know it comes unexpected like nobody knows
its like a rose
growing from the concrete
A caged bird's first flight feeling more free
more we, more us, more togetherness
Less me, less I, I discovered this
nonetheless.. We fall, we grow
like the pedals from the rose
the feathers from a crow..
the letters still show,
words still spell out
hoping when you get that day
one day you won't sell out
and i can say proudly damn momma i'm a man now
i know you understand and you hoped that it would pan out
but this is life..
We Live and let go
sometimes we living to forgive em thats a given you know
and we sinning while we living but that's life I suppose
n if we knew from the beginning
whats the sense of it all?

i stand for something so tall..
Track Name: Swear To God
(phone call intro)


Swear to God I wish it was like oh ten again.
So I could reminisce and feel what i was feeling then
but i could hardly wish the truth that I been swimming in
is deeper than the waters that the Titanic was sinking in
and i can barely swim and women aren't my strong suit.
Wasn't even searching for the one and then I saw you..
All true...
You know it is..
And now im wishing that you understanding most of it.
Am i suppose to quit?
Supposed to fall.
Wishing I spent more time with you thats most of all.
Memories hold me back from ever moving on
I'm wondering will there ever be some newer ones.
I'm losing em, confusing huh
trying to narrow down my choices only choosing one
I take it hard because this shit I put my heart in it
and if you dont then what's the sense in starting it?

(Voicemail outros)
Track Name: Making It Impossible (feat. Tove Styrke)
Feeling so far gone
back then i never really needed no one
but that's back then and back then was so long ago
so old, i mean lately
i stepped my game up call me KD
but i'm sittin on the bench now
probably waiting
for a girl like you...
to swing by
ha, nice try
but i know that they never fall for the nice guys
nice eyes, nice size, likewise
im short..
Call me bite size
gotta big bark, big fight in the dog
gotta big heart
I hope just like yours
stop and pause
thats par for course
wanna know about you do i need to say more
do i need something more than probable cause?


I know now, that you're worth it
all your other friends i know they heard it
i cursed it...
murked it..
asked myself
was it really worth it
the hurt is..
worse it..
makes me know i'm alive, not perfect
i can feel it inside know i'm certain
did a few things different prolly woulda then
wish i coulda said
i'm through thinking what we coulda been
but i'm only human..
yea and that tend to ruin things
all these angels taking off with they ruined wings
in the clouds
in the skies
just a blessing
in disguise
i know its different
but what about now if you were mine?


yea... closed off to the world
you can fuck what ya heard
cause i lusted for her then i trusted in her
it must of been discussed I prefer
that we leave it like that never come back
I'm tryna head right back on the same path
tryna do it all again please dont laugh
please don't cry, please dont lie
please I know
whats all mine
whats on mine
on my mind
all the time
dont ask why
i know im
wasting time
and walking
a thin line
but i'm always right there on the boundary
and not a single ma-fucka done found me
little harsh that's how it sounding
i know.. but its okay now
at the top of the showcase now
and i always see your face right now
but there's other girls in your place right now
don't wanna make a mistake right now
i could really wait right now, but i hate right now
and its late right now,
i cant really i cant really shake right now
this my fate right now
didn't take this route
wait this out
do my own thing i really hate to doubt
hate to frown, hate to sound
like its impossible but you make it now..
Track Name: Four Walls
Living life...
Live it right..
She livin on her own damn rules now definition of what she like, tell me am i right?
or is she wrong for
like, what she long for
n now she wanna get more for
every time she missed it like damn
oh its your fault
is it couture, nah blame it on the culture
blame it on the views or abuse of them all though
my condolences really is a mo fo
should i really say that I dont know though
I see life like im living through a go pro
wide view of everything under the sun so
I can't save em all maybe just one more.


Even if you wanna try..
you can never let me down
i know it feels like that sometimes
but sometimes havent happened in awhile now
i mean... would you kill for me
and meanwhile take the steel for me
i know you feel for me.. thats apparent
went from DK to NY no Donna Karen
what you fearing.. you can say it now
been there before you know the same route
if we ever go back we can climb out
and if we ever go back there is no doubt
none, conquered all
one five Bonnie and Clyde ride for yours
no lie been by my side rise and fall
so when it come down to it
we can climb these walls
Track Name: Stars Don't Shine
Now what you gonna do when the sun don't rise
when your world stop spinning and the stars don't shine
and the hurt seems infinite and its no surprise
when its gone too far and you just realized
Now what you gonna do when it all finished
all ended
will you still be authentic
all mended
or pretending
most of it is open ended
no beginning
im just living
lesser focus on these women
tryna keep a healthy vision

Will you be there?
I see that
dont you know that
I, I, I need that.
I need that
stars don't shine

Now what you gonna do when the sun don't rise
when your world stop spinning and the stars don't shine
and the hurt seems infinite and its no surprise
when its gone too far and you just realized
Now I can't imagine or fathom
id do this on my own
never once back in the day
id picture me a rolling stone
picture me no mobile phone
picture me like 2pac songs
picture me rollin in a 500
i can hold my own

Will you be there?
I see that
dont you know that
I, I, I need that.
I need that
stars don't shine
Track Name: Lucky That I Shown Up (feat. T. Knibbs)
(Verse 1)

I gave up..
a long time ago
thinking that everything in life was but an obstacle
but Destiny it was my child
and i survived..
even through the hardships some would ruin lives
but its you and I so who decides
who am i? whats my name
even if i changed
the man remains the same
feeling i'm the one to blame
i gotta maintain
its like i conquered then i came
talking bout these planets
some would say i landed and i never came back from
alienated fro m the world until i go platinum
and that could be forever and a day
some would never see
some would never hear, who i could really be
but whats it mean to me
does it mean im really free
living life apparently
but maybe not so much..
i could find out one day
maybe when i'm grown up


(T. Knibbs)
Man, they're lucky that I shown up
Blown up - Stella sippin outta gold cups
took a trip for this - mothafucka show love
Cuz sho enough - with no reason As sure as the seasons
i'll be leavin when this shows done
They played us so I stay on hiatus until they know us
Forget about these other dudes there's no love
Could give a fuck
Place is packed, but why do I feel like its just us?
Pullin off slow sittin low in the cut
Like you know what I slay scripts just still pissed that they missed
We take beats and make hits and such
With no luck
Can't see what there saying and i aint even squintin
See em whisperin and i dont even care ta listen
like so what?
Always said when it was no fun man id be so done
and so its become
Man fuck this you know what
There's no love
guns up
you motherfuckers just lucky that I shown up


(Verse 3)
Now looking in the mirror
i never seen it clearer
but im hoping im not turning into something i have a fear of
so i look away
and come back another day
hoping i can see the man i used to know in front of me
without these people telling me
how they think its gonna be
or how it should be done
i'm not your son, i think its funny see
i'm breaking running free
the shackles off my feet
mind always running too im never catching sleep
staying like an open book its really not that deep
and i'm climbing for the peak
topping every mountain
and i'm flipping off the fools
for even fuckin doubting
and i'm shoutin
i mean it all
swear it all
swear to god man
i want it all
what's the call?
are you down or really not at all
cause i adore
now what you waitin for
what you hating for
no need to escalate it all
congratulate me yall
i cant believe we hated on..
Track Name: Above The Clouds
When you off that cloud..
and it all falls down
and you look back like damn
see.. what it costed now?
would i have took that route?
would i take it again?
no, yea?
Wish everything in life would be oh so simple.
But its not but it could be
often not what it should be
what it would be i dont know better then?
would it make me then
such a better man?
ecetera ecetera
i cant even name a competitor
all my mistakes are really what make me better for
and im learning, yea im still young
i wont give up
i wont i know way too much
cant really play it safe and such
never really put my faith in lust
till the way we touched
damn maybe crossed the line
blind with the tears of a clown
signed with the feel profound
ever since i had you around

I played back
way back
wish i could have saved that
looking back now
wish i didnt say that
wish we coulda made that
could i make up for
lost time, lost mine
fighting for the wrong cause
can i put this shit on pause
retrace my steps soon
and maybe then... I dont have to rush through em
yea... man.. times confusing.
abusing.. feeling like this shits in ruins
clueless.. what am i doing..
seen some signs
and i just gave em the broom
pushed over, left it to the side now
and id be lying to myself if i said im fine now
find out, maybe in the long run
im not tryna lose myself even though i lost one

Never felt more free
never felt more alone
didnt know what to feel when i felt this
I guess id find out when i got home
guess i find out what im made of
afraid of
oh my skins way tough
they say love hate us degrade us
but it can fade us the weight is
the greatest
and i know that now
these words no need to shout
speak from the heart, no clout
so you can feel what im talking about
talking aloud
caught in a crowd
looking for my plane is it boardin right now
damn.. slow down..
on a road now with no route
hit the go route im patient
not Manning im planning on always wanting more
when a window shuts they say you gotta find an open door
with so many its hard to tell what im really looking for
Track Name: DDBN (Interlude)
the brightest days come from
the darkest ones .
The truth will find you
even if you choose to run.
thoughts and feelings you can’t put into words
are the most powerful
and those kept closest to the heart
are the ones who can devour you.
May your darkest days
be filled with your brightest nights
and the future hold what is best in life.

Whatever is best in life.
Track Name: No Pressure No Diamonds
My bad..
woke up kinda messed up
i'm gone get my cash
i'm gone get these checks up
I made it under pressure..
The hell do they know?

These lights
So blinding
No pressure
No diamonds
No records
No signing
No cutting the lines that I'm in
Do I look like a man?
Do I look like a fool?
Or something in between the two
Tell me what's the real?
Tell me what's the deal?
Tell me what It really means to you?


Some made it there and never came back
And then they made it there but like way back
And now it's only dreams and Maybachs
And bad blood with payback
I'm a small target, but I might hurt ya
Got a lot of friends, but a small circle
and I'm not impressed for what it's worth
I've had a good life but a Lotta hurt man
What is next I'm not so certain
But I stay working
How you living?
Since day one man
I stay committed
Keeping faith, true religion
and my Sins forgiven
Like bless me father
Hundred ten percent
I'm trying reach Nirvana
So I speak with honor
Bless my soul
No pressure No diamonds
To each his own.

Track Name: The Ride
if its over then i'm still here
still believing in a God that I still fear
still clear on my roads and my pathways
and still looking for my break, no half days
still keep myself running, no track meets
no athletes
wait, no actually
After Michael Jordan
I thought Iverson was half of me
no answer but I had a few questions
a few blessings
you know a mild aggression
had a passion for the girls
women of the same sorts
daisy dukes
you know the women with the short shorts
you maybe cute give ya boyfriend my regards
i swear its on
i know it is, i thought it was
im holding it, never losing got control my love
im overdubbed but never really over hyped
and over love, but you never really know my type.

People talk about it
some people cheer about it
but most people don't have a damn idea about it
i doubt it, i found it, i mean i thought i did
i tried to keep it hotter
than Atlanta up in August is
But even lanta got some snow days
man i promise kid
astonishing, i'm promising i'm feeling more
accept the negative and positive my word is bond
it's truly yours
who the boss you or God
im tryna part oceans so i can move across
or ruin hearts
give myself a coupe de grace
doesn't matter who they are
heres a number you can call
wake up in the morning
where is summer man its almost fall
Like dear summer.. I know you gone miss me
I been wanting to use that line
since Jay dropped that sick heat
short n sweet, I been thinking for days
I know the Lord works man in mysterious ways
and I just wanna know whats next
thats my curios trait
whether I worry today
or worry tomorrow
my pain in the past
the hardest to swallow
the hardest to follow
your heart and ambition
some people call it a dream
some people say are you kidding
some people wanna be keen
and others like how you living
i mean its given
or prolly taken
if im mistaken
i don't need a destination
im only celebrating it.